Inner London - Service Challenges until Christmas

In recent weeks, the level of security measures and road closures within inner London have increased significantly.

As we enter the final weeks before Christmas and with the election activity around the 12th December, we are anticipating increased security measures to be in place across the capital, especially inner London.


We cannot therefore guarantee any timed deliveries into inner London up until 24th December.


The following postcode areas will be affected :

  • NW, HA
  • W1-2,8-11,14
  • SW1,3,5,6,7 & 10
  • WC
  • SE3-10, 12-27 & 99
  • SW2,4,8,9,11-12,16 & 99
  • SE1,11


For these areas, service credits will not be raised as security measures and traffic restrictions are outside the delivery depots control.

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